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  • Learn a breakthrough, practical approach to enhance performance and stakeholder experiences at Selling Power’s Sales 3.0 Conference, “Frictionless Selling,” June 18-19, and “Enterprise Engagement in Action,” June 20, at the Drake Hotel in Chicago.
  • Designed for HR, Sales, and Marketing management at organizations whose CEOs are focusing on a more strategic and systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders and seeking a more ROI-based approach to human capital investments.
  • Get the information and roadmap you need to convince CEOs to lead a strategic a systematic approach to enterprise engagement with you in charge.

The Mission: Three days of education, information-sharing and discussing practical solutions with colleagues in sales, marketing, human resources and more on a topic available nowhere else: applying new people-focused processes to create an efficient, frictionless organization that energizes sales by enabling the entire organization to deliver the brand promise.

Who Should Attend: Ideal for sales, marketing, human resources management and solution-providers at every level seeking to:

  • Support the CEO and their organizations with a more systematic approach to achieving results through people across the enterprise.
  • Achieve greater ROI from the coaching, assessment, communications, learning, community, rewards & recognition and analytics tactics used to engage people.
  • Be among the first to achieve formal training and certification in the emerging field of Enterprise Engagement and ISO 10018 Quality People Management principles.
  • Become your organization’s Brand Engagement Officer or advocate.
  • Develop new markets for engagement solution-providers.

A Frictionless Offer:

  • Pay only $750 for both programs–more than a 50% savings…
  • …or attend Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s ‘Enterprise Engagement in Action’ program-only on June 20 for a crash course on the new strategic management system known as Enterprise Engagement: $350 for Enterprise Engagement Alliance members; $650 for nonmembers.

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Speakers on Enterprise Enablement and Engagement

The Brand Engagement Conference: over three days, leading sales, marketing and management experts at the “Frictionless Selling” and “Enterprise Engagement in Action” events will weave a story about a new type of more efficient customer-focused organization that enables and empowers all stakeholders to deliver the brand promise. The program offers both a vision and practical tools organizations can bring back to their CEOs and colleagues to hit the refresh button on the current ad hoc approach to brand engagement and enablement across the enterprise.

Speakers include:

Cynthia Barnes
Founder and CEO
National Association of Women Sales Professionals


Jillian Blackwell
Microsoft Service Executive
Department of Defense, Army/Navy


Kevin Higgins
CEO, DoubleDigit Sales
and author of Engage Me


Russ Walker
Senior Vice President, Sales Operations and Enablement
Merrill Corporation


Bruce Bolger
Founder of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance
co-author of Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap.


Dr. Ron McKinley and Lee S. Webster
co-founders of the International Center
for Enterprise Engagement for ISO 10018 Certification

…and many more speakers sharing a fresh new human approach to business.

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Tue. June 18-Wed. June 19: Sales 3.0 Conference by Selling Power magazine

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Thu., June 20, 9 am-5 pm: ‘Enterprise Engagement in Action’ by the Enterprise Engagement Academy

The world’s only formal training on the emerging field of Enterprise Engagement that more and more business leaders are talking about—a systematic approach to brand engagement that connects sales, marketing and all organization audiences to the same values, culture and objectives as demonstrated by the winners of the ICEE’s ISO 10018 Honorary CEO Citation for Quality People Management.

Bring new solutions to CEOs seeking a more strategic approach to stakeholder engagement. This is the only conference anywhere focused specifically on how to implement a CEO-led strategic and systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders increasingly demanded by investors, ISO standards and boards of directors. Learn the economics, framework and implementation process that can be applied today to improve the ROI of current investments in internal and external engagement.

Master an ROI-based approach to engagement process design and organizational operations. Designed for management in sales, marketing, human resources, finance, operations and safety seeking to bring back the latest processes for engagement program design offering a clear return-on-investment.

Foster brand engagement. Become an expert in a strategic and systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders in the organizational mission and a practical, easy-to-test approach to achieving goals through a more systematic approach to management and alignment known as the Enterprise Engagement Operating System. This is the only open-source approach that any organization can utilize, whether ISO certified or not, to better manage their operations and people in alignment with ISO standards.

Prepare for engagement certification. Be among the first new leaders in the emerging field of Enterprise Engagement through the Enterprise Engagement Academy’s Certified Engagement Practitioner (CEP) and Advanced Engagement Practitioner (AEP) programs, as well as ISO 10018 solution-provider, technology and organizational certifications.

Address the new people requirements in 60 ISO standards. Learn how to support the need for a CEO-led systematic approach to engaging all stakeholders in 60 ISO standards, including ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 45001 Safety standards and the new ISO 34014 Human Capital Disclosure standards, as well as pressure for such disclosures from investors with over $15.7 trillion in assets under management.

Plus: A special morning program for solution-providers from 8 am-8:50 am

Get a view of a large new marketplace and approach that has the potential to disrupt the traditional engagement tactics that lack a clear return-on-investment.

A Frictionless Offer:

  • Pay only $750 for both programs–more than a 50% savings—only by registering here.
  • …or attend Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s ‘Enterprise Engagement in Action’ program-only on June 20 for a crash course on the new strategic management system known as the Enterprise Engagement Operating System: $250 for EEA Members; $500 for Nonmembers.

Dialog with and get to know 400 sales and marketing executives seeking new solutions to create the frictionless organization.

Date, Location, and Fees

Location: Drake Hotel, Chicago

Dates: June 18-20, 2019

  • Mon.-Tue. June 18-19 Sales 3.0 “Frictionless Selling” Conference by Selling Power magazine.
  • Wed., April 3, 9 am-6 pm, “Enterprise Engagement in Action” by the Enterprise Engagement Academy.

Fees for combined program: $750. Click here to register.

Fees for Enterprise Engagement in Action Program Only on June 20:
$350 for EEA members; $650 nonmembers. Includes special pre-event session for solution providers and consultants. Click here to register.

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