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What Are ISO 10018 Quality People Management Standards?

ISO 10018 was created by the same organization that manages ISO 9001 standards with the goal of bringing a formal process to people management that is similar in concept to the formal process that has made quality management so much better over the last three decades.

Types of ISO Certifications

1. Organization—designed for organizations seeking to demonstrate a formal commitment to Quality People Management. This can be any organization in the public, private, or not-for-profit sectors.

2. Solution Providers—designed for solution providers that seek to serve as auditors/certifiers or as developers of ISO 10018 processes to achieve certification. A solution provider can be certified to provide both services, but it cannot provide both services to the same client. Solution providers must employ individuals who have received the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s Advanced Engagement Practitioner (AEP) designation. Click here to get complete details on how to start the process of gaining an ISO 10018 certification.

Requirements for ISO Certifications

1. Employers—demonstrate to an accredited certifier that it has all the processes in place to bake quality people management into organizational processes aligned with ISO 10018 standards and that these processes are having an impact on performance. In advance of seeking ISO certification, organizations should conduct a gap analysis to identify what is required to gain certification, and then employ an organization that can help set up the roadmap to gaining that certification based on the gap analysis and resources available inhouse. Once the organization feels confident it is ready, it calls in the independent auditor to provide certification. If the organization does not pass on the first round, it can make rectifications and undergo a follow up audit process.

2. Solution providers—employ at least one person who has achieved the Advanced Engagement Practitioner status; undergo a 90-minute interview with an ICEE certifier for preliminary certification. Final certification is earned after the company conducts the first audit in the presence of ICEE auditors, which can be presented as an added benefit to the client as well. Click here to start the training necessary to become ISO 10018 certified.