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Introducing the First Certification Program Designed to Help Registrars Profit From the New ISO 10018 Quality People Management Certification


The International Center for Enterprise Engagement at and the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at are offering qualified Registrars a unique opportunity to profit from the first ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards based on compelling economics for your clients and your company. The program includes complete support for Registrar Certification and arms-length lead generation, enabling a Registrar to achieve a return-on-investment with only one or two certifications.


For Registrars to profit from a new standard, there must be compelling economic or commercial benefits to your clients. The new ISO 10018 Quality People Management certification applicable to 16 standards, including ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health, has arrived precisely when ISO, investors and corporate boards have recognized the essential organizational requirement to having a formal strategy for fostering the proactive involvement of all stakeholders in an organization’s success.

Multiple organizational benefits to your clients include:

  • A proven connection between Enterprise Engagement and enhanced financial performance and well-being.
  • Better results from ISO standards compliance by addressing the overlooked “human” perspective.
  • Greater efficiency and ROI from human capital investments through a systematic approach.
  • A better overall experience for all stakeholders through more consistent delivery of promises.
  • A proactive response to growing pressure from investors, customers and talent: over two-thirds of Americans prefer to invest in, do business with, or work for organizations that value people.
  • A unique new seal of approval that focuses on all stakeholders, not just employees or customers.
  • Potential risk mitigation for product liability, safety and wellness-related litigation claims.

A Complete Program

ISO10018 Certified Quality People ManagementThe International Center for Enterprise Engagement (ICEE) at the University of Texas Medical Branch has created the first ISO 10018 Quality People Management certification for organizations serious about engaging stakeholders in their success and in the implementation of key 16 key ISO standards, including ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety standards.

Recognizing the determination by ISO in 2012 that standards cannot succeed without a serious plan for people engagement, ISO created new Annex SL requirements that are fleshed out in ISO 10018 people involvement and competence standards and the new ISO 10018 certification providing a systematic approach. ISO 10018 is for employers who believe in the return-on-investment and enhanced stakeholder experience of having a strategic approach to engagement and who believe that ISO 10018 can help them use that commitment as a marketing and recruitment tool as ISO 9001 has accomplished in manufacturing and logistics.

Through its affiliation with the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at, the online learning academy at and media partnerships with, and others, ICEE can provide Registrars with a complete learning and educational program, as well as a business development platform to create a new market opportunity, including:

  1. ISO 10018 certification to conduct audits and certification for employers, including immediate audit support to jump-start the business.
  2. The ability to generate leads through a content marketing and thought leadership program in EEA’s family of media and education programs, as well as through arms-length referrals from the EEA from employers or from agencies providing ISO 10018 consulting services for their clients who need third-party auditors.


  • Our objectives are to enable ISO Registrars and Developers to create new audit and certification practices on the one hand, and consulting services on the other, based on the model of ISO 9001.
  • ICEE wishes to focus its activities on outreach and education and on building a community of ISO 10018 certified Registrars and Developers committed to Enterprise Engagement, not to directly certify employers or provide development services, except during the early launch period as necessary to jump-start the market.

Auditors consist of current ISO registrars. Developers consist of management consulting and related firms in such areas as leadership recruitment and coaching, assessment and feedback, communications, job design, innovation, community and diversity, rewards and recognition, and analytics. These companies will need access to Registrars to conduct the audits and certification on an arms-length basis.

For Qualified Registrars Only

ICEE understands that Registrars don’t wish to invest to create the market, so our goal is to both help create the marketplace and develop a force of qualified Registrars and Developers to serve the market.

  • To enable Registrars to get started rapidly, ICEE can provide initial audits on behalf of qualified Registrars until it has an individual who has earned the necessary certification for the company to achieve its full ISO 10018 certification.
  • The qualified ISO 10018 Registrar gains a provisional ISO solution-provider certification by having one person trained online in the process at and gaining a Provisional Solution Provider 10018 certification for conducting gap analyses and audits for ISO 10018 certification. See the ISO 10018 Certification Primer for details. Depending on the individual’s background, this requires about 40 hours spread over several months. Click here for cost and details.
  • Qualified ISO Registrars will be featured on the websites of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at, and its media platform with an audience of over 20,000 business professionals a month.
  • ISO Registrars will regularly receive content for e-newsletters or links to send to their prospects, educating them on the benefits and process, as well as a 30% discount to offer their clients on our 24/7 Enterprise Engagement online academy or face-to-face training programs, currently held twice a year.
  • The names of participating Registrars will be given to any employers or developers seeking names of qualified auditors on an arms-length basis without quid pro quo.


In 2012, ISO, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) concluded that it had overlooked the need to engage and equip stakeholders in 16 of its many standards and created a formal framework known as Annex SL, followed by new ISO 10018 standards whose principles are now required in 16 standards, including ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety standards. These standards reflect the same need identified by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance to connect the dots between an organization’s brand, values and objectives, and all the audiences and means used to engage and equip them for the common purpose of sustainable success.

Why Should Companies Care?

  • Organizations with higher levels of Enterprise Engagement do significantly better than those that don’t because of increased customer referrals, loyalty, quality and productivity, as well as an overall better experience for all stakeholders.
  • Growing numbers of investors, boards of directors and consumers are demanding that organizations focus on human capital. Over two-thirds of consumers say they prefer to invest in or do business with people-focused companies.
  • What is new about Enterprise Engagement and ISO 10018 and Annex SL standards? As with Quality Management, this new field systematically aligns strategies across all organizational audiences and strategically connects the dots between the brand, culture, values, goals and engagement tactics: hence the term Enterprise Engagement. In the same way that ISO 9001 helped organizations improve Quality Management, ISO Annex SL and ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards help organizations of any size or type improve performance and create a better overall experience for all stakeholders by applying a proactive, systematic approach to organizational engagement, rather than the ad hoc, reactive approach that is common today.
  • As with Quality Management, ISO Annex SL and ISO 10018 standards focus on the importance of linking all engagement efforts, from marketing promises made to customers to all the ways organizations engage and equip people to deliver those promises, including the definition of the brand, culture, values, leadership training, recruitment, assessment and feedback, communication and learning, innovation, diversity, job design, rewards and recognition, analytics and more. ISO 10018 doesn’t create a new layer of management but rather streamlines and improves the outcome of these efforts through better coordination and measurement.
  • In 2017, the Healthcare Management Institute at the University of Texas Medical Branch, which is chief administrator for all ISO human resources standards, established the International Center for Enterprise Engagement (ICEE) at to create the first certification program for ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards for those organizations seeking to derive increased return-on-investment, marketing and recruitment benefits from their compliance with ISO 10018.
  • The Academy of Management at, the world’s largest organization of management professionals, is sponsoring a symposium on Enterprise Engagement at its 2018 Annual Conference, and a seminar program on Enterprise Engagement will be hosted by the University of Texas at Arlington Enterprise Division on Oct. 3-4, establishing Enterprise Engagement as a formal academic field.

Business Development Support

  • The portal and social media platform has about 20,000 eNewsletter subscribers and followers to its Twitter and LinkedIn communities, as well as hundreds of shares and approximately 5,000 unique website visitors per month. We have a partnership with to provide exposure into the quality marketplace.
  • The first two ‘Enterprise Engagement in Action’ bi-annual conferences attracted about 100 people in business management. The University of Texas at Arlington is hosting the first education program on Enterprise Engagement and ISO 10018 standards, Oct. 3-4 and will hold a similar event in the spring of 2019, most likely in Chicago (see:
  • The field of Enterprise Engagement has been accepted as a formal field by the world’s largest organization of management professionals, the Academy of Management at, and will be presented in a formal symposium at its 2018 Annual Conference in Chicago.

Your Return-on-Investment

Involvement requires a minimal investment in ISO 10018 training and annual audit and re-certification every three years, or for ad hoc support if needed in the early phases. Otherwise, ICEE receives most compensation through the annual use of the ISO 10018 logo. So a Registrar can recapture its out-of-pocket investment with just one ISO certification.