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Enterprise Engagement Reference Library

Here is an extensive list of learning and information resources to help you become knowledgeable about the field and/or to inform your clients. Feel free to share these links with clients in your communications.

Enterprise Engagement Alliance Training and Information

Enterprise Engagement Alliance at for general information about the field.

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Enterprise Engagement for CEOs: The Little Blue Book for People-Centric Capitalists
A 120-page quick read for CEOs, senior management, or anyone seeking a quick introduction to the essentials of Enterprise Engagement and ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards and certification.

Enterprise Engagement: The Textbook at
The complete guide to all aspects of enterprise engagement.

Enterprise Engagement Academy for online learning and certification: The Certified Engagement Practitioner designation demonstrates that the recipient has a basic grasp of the concept of engagement and is actively taking steps to apply their expertise to the engagement field. The Advanced Engagement Practitioner requires the individual to demonstrate the ability to create a formal engagement business plan using a case study process.

Information Resources

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Guidelines and Standards
These articles provide an overview of current ISO standards and principles and how they apply to engagement.

Primer on ISO 10018

Enterprise Engagement and ISO Standards E-Book

ISO Approves Effort to Develop Engagement Standards

ISO Quality Management Principles
ISO principles related to engagement.

ISO People Involvement Standards and Guidelines
ISO standards and guidelines related to engagement.

Information About Investors and Engagement

These articles provide background on the reasons why investors now are focused on engagement and other human capital investments.

Securities & Exchange Commission Petitioned to Mandate Disclosure of Human Capital Investments, Engagement
This article highlights a petition by major investors to the SEC asking that public companies be required to disclose information on their human capital and engagement investments.

Accounting Profession Faces Increased Pressure to Address Human Capital Reporting
This article highlights a growing push in the accounting world to account for the 80% of book value attributed to good will by accounting for human capital and other related assets.

$6 Trillion Investor Coalition Sees Link Between Human Capital Management and Shareholder Return
Why major investors are pushing for disclosure of human capital investments and engagement.

Blackrock Joints Ranks of Big Investors Focused on People
More information on investor interest in human capital and engagement.

Q-A With CalPERs on its Strong Support for Human Capital Disclosures by Public-Companies

2017 Peoplecentric Winners Named as Engaged Company Stock Index Soars

Momentum Grows for Human Capital and Employee Engagement Disclosures by Public Companies

Other Resources on the Justification for and Methods of Enterprise Engagement

Deloitte: Employee Engagement Culture, Human Capital Trends

Hay Group: Why Does Employee Engagement Matter to CEOs

Aon Hewitt 2016 Trends in Global Employee Engagement

Incentives, Rewards, and Workplace Motivation, Dr. Harold Stolovich, PhD., University of Southern California.

Good Company Index Company Assessment Tool

Principles of Results-Based Incentive Program Design, published by the Incentive Marketing Association

Engagement Institute, Conference Board study on Employee Engagement (summarized on Engagement Strategies Media because it is not available to non-members:

Concept of Employee Engagement: An Analysis Based on the Workplace Employment Relations Study, David MacLeod, Nita Clark,, the U.K. government-sponsored organization.

The Master Measurement Model of Employee Performance
Still the definitive guide to create a measurable engagement process.

Manage Your Human Sigma
Research demonstrating the link between customer and employee engagement.

Putting the Service Profit Chain to Work
More research on link between employee and customer engagement.