A joint venture of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and Healthcare Management Institute at the University of Texas Medical Board,a member of the University of Texas.

ICEE Services

ICEE Offers Five Services to Help Organizations Profit From a Strategic Approach to Engagement

ISO Annex SL and 10018 Quality People Management Audits and/or Certifications–for those organizations seeking to demonstrate their strategic commitment to all their stakeholders.

ISO Human Capital Standards Education–for organizations seeking to fully implement ISO Annex SL or gain ISO 10018 and related professional and technology certifications as well as those seeking to benefit from ISO’s library of nine human resources standards to implement effective practices without certification.

Human Capital Audits–to ensure that your human resources and broader human capital processes are up to date with effective practices Annex SL, ISO 10018, and 9 other ISO human capital standards if desired.

Healthcare Advisory Services–a practice specifically designed to help healthcare and hospitality firms develop a roadmap for enhancing performance through people by applying a systematic, enterprise-wide framework embodied in ISO standards.

ISO Registrar Development and Support–ICEE is developing a network of ISO registrars and solution providers seeking to bring the benefits of Annex SL and ISO 10018 to their clients. In partnership with the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, registrars, consultants, and solution providers can profit from a complete training and business development platform to educate their clients about the importance of Annex SL and ISO 10018 standards..

  • To learn about the field of Enterprise Engagement and ISO 10018 quality people management standards, go to TheEEA.org.
  • For access to formal learning and certification, go to the Enterprise Engagement Academy at EEA.tmlu.org.
  • For access to complete information on the field, go to ESM at EnterpriseEngagement.org.