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Maximize Organizational Results Through ISO 10018 Compliance

Is your organization ISO 9001 compliant? Is it great to do business with? Is it a terrific employer equally focused on the needs of vendors, distribution partners, investors, or anyone who is part of its community? Do you believe the research and data proving the link between high levels of Enterprise Engagement and financial performance? An answer of “yes” to any of these questions makes your organization a candidate for ISO 10018 certification.

What is ISO 10018?

In the early 2000s, the engineers who oversee the worldwide-respected ISO 9001 quality standards recognized that the standards’ creators had overlooked a critical component: the role of people. In 2012, they developed quality management principles and then the ISO 10018 standard that, while focused specifically on quality management, provides a framework any organization can apply today to profit from an organizational approach to engagement.

The International Center for Enterprise Engagement (ICEE) has created the first ISO 10018 certification program designed for any organization dedicated to baking engagement strategies into its culture and daily operations in a way that achieves a clear return on investment. The ISO 10018 certification can also benefit a wide array of solution providers seeking to help their clients profit from engagement. Because ISO 9000 considers people management critical to sustainable success, ISO 10018 is almost a must for ISO 9000-compliant companies. But the process and designation also offers benefits to any organization seeking to maximize performance through people by providing a framework for creating a sustainable customer-oriented, innovative culture continuously focused on improvement, satisfaction and results.

The Benefits of ISO 10018 Standards for Any Organization

  • Enhance the long-term impact of your sales and marketing by proving to clients your organization’s dedication to consistently delivering its promises through people.
  • Improve organizational effectiveness that identifies and addresses all the levers of engagement necessary to sustain ongoing organizational success.
  • Attract and retain talent by utilizing a proven process to maximize your organization’s talent brand, making people feel proud to work for you and to recommend your organization.
  • Demonstrate to investors your organization’s commitment to achieving sustainable results by fostering the proactive involvement of everyone critical to your organization’s success.

The Benefits to Solution Providers

The new standards enable solution providers and professionals to create new profit centers for their businesses as ISO 10018 auditors, certifiers and developers.

Today, there are over 1.3 million ISO 9001-compliant organizations worldwide. Every one of these organizations and more can benefit from the ISO 10018 certification.