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ISO Solution Provider Certifications

ISO solution provider certifications are for companies or consultants that audit/certify and developers of ISO 10018 compliant processes, but a company providing certification cannot be the developer, and vice versa.

To obtain an ISO 10018 certification, an organization must employ at least one person with the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s Advanced Engagement Practitioner (AEP) certification, which demonstrates an individual’s ability to conduct an ISO 10018 audit and design a compliant process.

How to Become an Advanced Engagement Practitioner

To obtain the training for AEP certification, you must first join the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at

Step One: Certified Engagement Practitioner

Certification requires a two-step process: First, completion of the CEP certification course, consisting of six short, on-demand course modules below. Each module contains between 2-6 discrete “topics” of approximately 3-7 minutes each. If you work in government, you should take the “Engagement in Government” module instead of the “Fundamentals of Employee Engagement” module, but you can do both if you wish.

You must complete 6 core modules and pass all 6 quizzes, attaining a score of at least 75% on each to earn your CEP designation. To earn your Advanced Engagement Practitioner (AEP) designation, you must first earn your CEP and then attend and successfully complete an in-person AEP seminar, which is offered several times each year in various locations (email for details).

The modules under the “Elective Modules” header are not essential to earn your CEP or AEP designations but are recommended for further study and to acquire continuing education credits after you’ve earned your CEP.

Cost: One CEP is included per individual EEA membership; three CEPs for corporate sponsorship, plus $125 per additional CEP. The CEP must be maintained by accumulating sufficient Professional Education Credits (PECs) each year and by remaining an EEA member in good standing.

Step 2: Advanced Engagement Practitioner Course

This online, self-study course, being launched in 2018, prepares practitioners for the skills needed to conduct an ISO 10018 audit and to develop an ISO 10018-compliant Quality People Management process. Alternatively, you may attend a live class, which will be held regionally in 2018, starting in Galveston on May 8 at Engagement World’s Certification Days. (Registration will open in 2018.) Solution providers seeking ISO 10018 compliance will need to employ individuals with the AEP certification as a first step in gaining the organizational certification.

To obtain Advanced Engagement Practitioner status, a candidate must first earn their CEP. Then, either through online self-study or via a live workshop, they must demonstrate expert knowledge of the ISO 10018 standards, as well as the ISO 10018 audit process. On their own, candidates will then develop a written business plan for an actual or fictional Enterprise Engagement and ISO 10018 process that provides evidence of each of the elements of a compliant program and demonstrates a full understanding of the development process. Critical to success is an understanding of the key audiences involved and their inter-relationships; the key tactics of people engagement and how they are integrated; and measurement techniques.

All submissions are reviewed by an EEA auditor who will provide detailed feedback. If a submission meets or exceeds AEP standards, the applicant will pass. They will be awarded the AEP designation and provisional ISO 10018 certification. Those who do not meet the standard on their first effort may use the detailed feedback provided to improve their plan and resubmit. Those who fail on their second attempt must re-enroll in the AEP process.

AEPs automatically receive provisional 10018 certification and may promote their ability to advise and audit organizations against that standard. They may use the provisional ISO 10018 logo until ICEE can accompany them on an actual audit and/or development project to ensure the individual(s) can utilize their skills and process knowledge in an actual engagement.

Cost: The cost for the Advanced Engagement Practitioner process, either online or in a live workshop, is $1,000 and must be maintained through annual accumulation of Professional Education Credits (PECs) and by maintaining the EEA membership in good standing. There is no additional cost to display the AEP logo on websites or business cards.

How Organizations Obtain ISO 10018 Certifications as Auditors and Developers

ISO 10018 solution providers can provide auditing/certification and development, but certifiers cannot serve both as a certifier and a developer for a single organization seeking ISO 10018 certification.

The Process: In an on-site visit by ICEE evaluators, the applicant needs to demonstrate that its practitioners can conduct an audit in both a written and live process. The overall process generally requires one to two days of senior consultant time to evaluate the practitioners’ ability to properly identify the organization’s engagement practices and measures.

Phase 1: Assessment: This ranges from one to four days based on the size of the company, with a corresponding day for each day on site for further evaluation. If an organization passes the assessment process, it can purchase a certification below.

Number of EmployeesFee
501 – 1,0009,000
101– 5007,000
25 – 1004,000

Phase 2: ISO 10018 certification logo license. Companies that meet certification standards may opt to purchase a license to display the certification logo in their marketing, recruitment, investment and other materials for a period of three years. Cost: $10,000 for three years (or $3,500 per year). Note: there is no charge to use the logo for additional certifications.

Enterprise Engagement Portal Technology ISO 10018 Certification

Engagement portal technology can provide a significant benefit to organizations seeking to apply a formal approach to engagement that integrates the various branding/vision, leadership coaching, assessment, communications, innovation, learning, community, rewards and recognition, and analytics tools involved with fostering the proactive involvement of people to achieve clear results.

An engagement portal differs from specific technology used for communication, rewards and recognition, incentives, social recognition, assessment, etc. by integrating these various features on a single platform. An engagement portal can consist of a single integrated technology, or a combination of technologies that address the various audiences and levers of engagement in an integrated fashion with a seamless participant experience.

To help encourage a marketplace for technologies that support an enterprise approach to engagement, an ISO 10018 certification is available for those technologies that:

  1. Support common values, branding, mission and goals to all critical communities on a single platform.
  2. Support separate communications channels with each constituency that speaks to their special needs while supporting the overall common brand and vision of the organization.
  3. Enable an assessment process to gauge levels of engagement at the organizational and local level, as well as coaching for management.
  4. Support learning through dissemination of useful information and use of tests, quizzes, or games.
  5. Foster community through a social media or information-sharing platform.
  6. Manage rewards, recognition, or incentive programs that focus attention on success and best practices.
  7. Support efforts to foster loyalty and referrals of customers or talent.
  8. Provide a method of measuring key indices, such as retention, engagement, loyalty, achievement of key goals, the value of those goals to the organization, etc.

The process involves a thorough review of every aspect of the technology by an independent analyst who audits the technology for its ability to provide the above services on an integrated platform. If a technology is found to be compliant, the company receives the ISO 10018 designation for three years and can display the ISO 10018 logo for an additional fee.

The process includes an on-site or web meeting with the company in a demonstration, and then access to the backend of the technology to verify features. Technologies are not rated other than to either receive or not receive certification for ISO 10018 standards compliance.

Phase I Assessment Costs: $6,000 every three years

Phase 2 ISO 10018 Certification logo license: Companies that meet certification standards may opt to purchase a license to display the certification logo in their marketing, recruitment, investmen and other materials for a period of three years. Cost: $10,000 for three years (or $3,500 per year.)