A joint venture of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and Healthcare Management Institute at the University of Texas Medical Board,a member of the University of Texas.



Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Immediately following Selling Power’s Sales 3.0 Conference at the Hilton Union Square, San Francisco.

Learn how to apply a systematic approach to organizational success by fostering the proactive involvement of all your stakeholders toward common goals required by 60 ISO standards and firms with over $15.7 trillion in investment capital.

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Quality Digest

Date, Location, and Fees

Wednesday, April 3, 9 am-6 pm, at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco.

Fees* for Enterprise Engagement Alliance Members and Nonmembers:
Early Bird (Before Mon., Feb. 4, 2019): $450 for EEA embers; $850 nonmembers
Feb. 5 and after: $550 for EEA members; $995 nonmembers

*Lunch and post-event reception included

Special Pre-Event Session for Solution Providers and Consultants: Wednesday, April 3, 8 am-8:50 am: ‘How to Profit From Enterprise Engagement and ISO Annex SL and ISO 10018 Standards’

Get a Crash Course on the New Field of Enterprise Engagement And Principles That Can Transform Your Organizational Performance and Stakeholder Experience.

  • Learn about a new mission-critical management approach recently accepted as a formal field by the prestigious Academy of Management for presentation at its 2018 annual meeting.
  • Discover why success comes not from employee engagement or customer engagement but in fact from organizational engagement—connecting the dots between your brand, values, and objectives, and all your stakeholders.
  • Hear from the first senior management executives in charge of both employee and customer engagement to improve the experience for all stakeholders.
  • Learn how the Enterprise Engagement framework and ISO 10018 address the requirements of ISO Annex SL embedded in 16 ISO standards including ISO 9001 quality management and 45001 safety standards.
  • Be among the first to learn about all the new ISO human resources standards any organization can start using today to implement effective human capital management processes.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone in the C-suite or management seeking a time-efficient introduction to what they need to profit from this new systematic approach to success through people based on ISO Annex SL and 10018 quality people management standards.
  • Public companies and investors seeking a better long-term way to enhance their share price performance.
  • Human resources and marketing executives seeking to connect the dots between internal and external marketing.
  • Professionals in human resources, operations, sales and marketing, etc. seeking to accelerate their Advanced Engagement and ISO 10018 Certification through an on-site exercise and on-site test they can complete before their departure.
  • New management in charge of both the customer and employee experience.
  • Senior management in sales, marketing, process design at consultants and solution providers seeking to bring enterprise engagement solutions and/or IS0 Annex SL and ISO 10018 best practices to their clients.

Presented by Leading ISO Standards and Enterprise Engagement Experts

Enterprise Engagement and ISO 10018 Faculty

  • Dr. Ron McKinley, Vice President and Chief Standards Officer, Healthcare Management Institute at the University of Texas Medical Branch.
  • Allan Schweyer, Curriculum Director, Enterprise Engagement Academy.
  • Lee S. Webster, Director, Standards Development, Healthcare Management Institute at UTMB
  • Bruce Bolger, Founder, Enterprise Engagement Alliance and co-founder International Center for Enterprise Engagement

Expert Presenters From the Front Lines

  • Denise Jansen, Senior Manager, Customer and Employee Experience, Adobe, on one of the nation’s first companies to combine customer and employee engagement in one department.
  • Shauna LaFave, Executive Director, Customer and Employee Experience, Shefit, on how the organization is managing its culture for the benefit of customers, employees, and partner vendors.
  • Mike Richman, Publisher, QualityDigest.com, on why Annex SL and ISO 10018 are critical to quality management success.
  • Mike Wallace, Partner, BrownFlynn, an ERM Group Company; Interim Executive Director, Social & Human Capital Coalition on why 200 of the world’s largest companies are now committed to disclosing their investments in human capital and improving their practices.

PLUS: Bill Sims Jr., Green Beans and Ice Cream author, behavior change expert, and highly recognized keynote speaker to introduce the Global Safety Institute and Index and the new discipline of Enterprise Safety Engagement.


Annex SL and ISO 10018 standards have the potential to transform people management in the way ISO 9001 transformed quality management and is now recognized by over 1.35 million companies who follow them. The ISO technical committees in 2012 specifically added new Annex SL and ISO 10018 guidelines address the critical and previously overlooked issue of how to address the people component of ISO standards, which are now required in 60 ISO standards effective with the next round of audits.

From the front-lines: Corporate speakers will address why a systematic approach is mission critical to quality, marketing, and the employee experience.

The economics: Concrete research and mathematics will demonstrate the clear connection between engagement and performance and ways to measure return on investment, as well as the impact on the share price performance of public companies.

The framework and implementation process: Attendees will learn how to put the framework to work on practical challenges now with measurable results.

Put theory into action: The program includes a group exercise to put the framework into action to solve an actual organizational challenge using the ISO 10018 and Enterprise Engagement framework and implementation process in an auditable fashion.

Preparation for Certification: Attendees will get fast-track preparation for their Enterprise Engagement Alliance Advanced Certification and ISO 10018.

What You’ll Get

  • A clear roadmap to sustainable performance and a better stakeholder experience based on worldwide accepted ISO international standards and best practices.
  • Proof that this strategy yields better results for shareholders.
  • A more systematic and scientific solution to the design of traditional engagement efforts, such as incentives, recognition, loyalty, communications, training, and other tactics.
  • The opportunity for your team to gain the certifications necessary to profit from ISO 10018 certifications.